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This Giant 3-Foot Wasp’s Nest Will Haunt Your Dreams

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A courageous pest exterminator got the surprise of a lifetime when checking out a clients garage, a scene straight out of the Sci-Fi Classic Aliens.

Elon Musk’s Vision of Colonizing Mars May Not Be Possible

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Elon Musk usually has some pretty lofty ideas, but his vision for colonizing Mars might have to be one he let's float away.

Utility Workers Stumbled Upon An Ancient Bone Fragment Of A Massive Mammal

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An ancient bone belonging to a woolly mammoth or mastodon was discovered by utility workers in Florida.

Why the lunar eclipse is like a sunset

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The show of the century happened above Earth. A lunar eclipse was mostly visible in the Eastern Hemisphere, mainly Africa and Asia. Some in the Western Hemisphere couldn't see it because it happened during the day. Ad...

Scientists Identify Exoplanets That May Have Conditions Suitable For Life To Develop

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Scientists have identified a number of exoplanets that, based on their lighting situation and positioning, could be capable of developing life.

Saudi Arabia: open for tourists | The Economist

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Saudi Arabia is spending half-a-trillion dollars on coastal resorts and an entertainment complex to try and attract more tourists. It's part of the crown prince's plan ...

Carr Fire Reportedly Started By Sparks After Flat Tire

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The devastating fire that has torched more than 130,000 acres in California was reportedly started, in part, by a flat tire. The devastating Carr fire that has torched more than 130,000 acres in Northern California wa...

Top 10 Things Invented by NASA We Use Everyday

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The changing face of tourism | The Economist

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Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world—and it's rapidly changing. Chinese travellers have overtaken Americans as the biggest spenders and ...

Fight brewing as Trump favors big oil in Alaska

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Alaskans are divided over President Donald Trump's plan to bring oil drilling to Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. CNN's Bill Weir reports.

Motion picture academy faces outcry over new “popular film” category

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is facing backlash over major changes meant to boost TV ratings on Hollywood's biggest night. The Academy said Wednesday it will limit the telecast of the Oscars ceremon...

Bengaluru teens get glued to gaming; 5 ‘patients’ visit de-addiction clinic

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A digital de-addiction clinic in Bengaluru has received 5 cases in under a month. All of these were related to the shooting game called player unknown’s battlegrounds or P.U.B.G. The game seems to be gaining traction ...

NASA Unveils Commercial Crew Astronauts

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NASA on Friday unveiled its commercial crew astronauts.

New Study Says Robots Can Now Manipulate People

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You’ve probably heard the warnings that robots will one day surpass humans and rule the world.

Massive Shark Teeth Dating Back 25 Million Years Found On Beach

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An amateur fossil hunter and teacher in Australia found the teeth of an ancient mega shark in a boulder.

Taste-testing “replica wines”: Can you really copy popular vintages?

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Science is helping to replicate some of the world's most popular vintages by closely studying their flavor profiles in the lab and then selling them at a reduced price. Barry Petersen reports.

The Best Places for Stargazing Around the World

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If you want to enjoy the amazing view stars provide, we have the best locations around the world for some truly jaw-dropping cosmic sights.

The ‘Fading Ghost’ Of A Supernova Captured In NASA Image

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A NASA image shows the remnants of a supernova.

Listen To Birthday Song That NASA’s Rover Played For Itself On Mars

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NASA’s Curiosity rover sang “Happy Birthday” to itself on Mars.

Is Working Less Better For Your Health? People Over 40 Should Work Only Three Days Per Week, Says Study

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A study from the Melbourne Institute shows that people over 40 are more productive if they work three days per week. Elizabeth Keatinge has more.

NASA prepares for mission to the sun

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NASA's $1.5bn Parker Solar Probe will be the first spacecraft to get closer to the sun than ever before, hopefully solving some mysteries. Report by Browna. Like us on Facebook at and follo...

Forget Weed! Study Finds It’s Alcohol That Gives You The Munchies

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Ever had the "drunchies," the craving for fatty or salty foods after drinking? Science says you're not alone! Buzz60's TC Newman has more.

Lunar Eclipse: Science behind the blood moon – BBC News

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A lunar eclipse, known as a blood moon because of its red glow, takes place around twice a year. But Friday night's will last longer than any in the 21st Century.How do lunar eclipses take place and why don't they hap...

Lunar Eclipse- Science behind the blood moon – BBC News

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A Solar Storm Headed For Earth

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A solar storm is headed for Earth according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Elizabeth Keatinge has more.

We May Finally Know Where Almost All of the Dust On Mars Came From

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Scientists think they have figured out where a lot of the dust on the surface of Mars comes from.

Some Useful Shark Safety Tips If You See A Shark At The Beach This Summer

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Shark Week is upon us! And for those who want to experience real salt water and warm sands, instead of the more tame couch landscape, we have a few tips for any real life encounters with our fishy carnivorous friends.

NASA Plans to Help Out Meteorologists with New Satellites

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In an attempt to make weathermen a little more accurate, NASA is planning to send hurricane tracking satellites floating above Earth by early 2019.

Happy Shark Week! Here Are Some Of The Most Memorable On-Screen Sharks

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Get your gills ready, because it….is... shark week! And for those who want a little extra chomp to go along with their viewing pleasure, we got you covered with the top sharks in pop culture. So before you get ready t...

Rupi Kaur answers The Economist’s #OpenFuture question

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Rupi Kaur says the world would be a more open place if each person did their own small part. Enter our #OpenFuture video contest and tell us what you would ...

Tony Blair on Brexit’s second referendum | The Economist

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Tony Blair, Britain's former Prime Minister, spoke to Anne McElvoy, The Economist's head of radio, for The Economist asks podcast. Timecoded chapters listed ...

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