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Alien Spaceship Asteroid Heads Towards Earth

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Alien Spaceship Asteroid Heads Towards Earth A cigar-shaped asteroid, dubbed Oumuamua, flew through our solar system chaotically as a result of a violent collision billions of years ago.

SHOCK as UFO FOUND using a ‘horrifying report’ in CIGARETTE TIN at London Science Museum

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00Fast News, Latest News, Breaking News, Today News, Live News. Please Subscribe! SHOCK as UFO FOUND using a 'horrifying report' in CIGARETTE TIN at London Science Museum A FLYING pot referred to as “Silpho UFO” that...

Bizarre Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Brain

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Ever wonder what your brain is actually made of? It's likely not what you'd think!

How To Mine Bitcoin? [CNBC]

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Nadine Damblon of HydroMiner says the firm mines cryptocurrencies sustainably by placing equipment directly in hydro-power stations. CNBC News - Fast Money! Twitter: https://med...

NASA Is Thinking About Sending A Submarine Into Space

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Probes and satellites are so passe, so NASA is upping the ante and thinking about sending a submarine into space.

There Are Mysterious Uranium Particles Floating Over Alaska

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There is a mysterious atmospheric aerosol particle floating above Alaska that contains Uranium. The same kind of Uranium that is used in nuclear bombs.

Fake ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Study Gets Published By Scientific Journal

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A biologist says four scientific journals accepted his fake study, which was entirely based on an episode of "Star Trek: Voyager." TC Newman (@PurpleTCNewman) tells you which one actually published it!

Desert (Snow) Storm: A Snowy Day in the Sahara

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NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft Just Broke A Deep Space Record

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NASA just broke a record with its New Horizons spacecraft that took photos from the farthest distance from Earth ever.

Mini Ice Age Happens In 2020 To 2070

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As the sun gets cooler in the nest 30 years, earth my experience mini ice age similar to that in middle of 17th century where the Rive Thames freeze over.

What’s next for SpaceX and space travel?

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CBS News' space consultant Bill Harwood gives insight into the future of space travel after Tuesday's successful launch of the massive SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket from the Kennedy Space Center.

Report: The Sun is Expected To Be Unusually Cooler By 2050

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Scientists say the sun is expected to be unusually cool by the year 2050. Veuer's Nick Cardona has that story.

4 théories du complot à l’épreuve des faits

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Près de 8 Français sur 10 adhèrent à au moins une théorie du complot, selon une étude de l’Ifop. Le Point passe au crible les 4 « croyances collectives qui contredisent les faits et la science » les plus répandues se...

The Top 9 Megaprojects Being Built Right Now

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China’s cloned monkeys play together in incubator

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Scientists in China have cloned two monkeys. In the video, captured on January 23 in Suzhou City in eastern China's Jiangsu Province, two long-tailed identical macaques - named Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua - play with each...

Why Wednesday’s “Super Blue Blood Moon” will be a sight to behold

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A rare combination of lunar events will result in a "Super Blue Blood Moon" early Wednesday. John Blackstone spoke with a NASA scientist to find out how it happens, and what we can expect to see.

Cincin Api Aktif: PBB peringatkan waspada gempa dan bencana alam lainnya – TomoNews

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THE PACIFIC — Pasifik telah penuh dengan aktivitas vulkanik dan seismik minggu ini. Setelah terjadi letusan dan gempa bumi baru-baru ini di Filipina, Indonesia, Jepang dan Alaska, Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa telah memp...

Bumi datar: Mike si gila masih berencana luncurkan roket buatan – TomoNews

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BUMI DATAR — Ingat Mad Mike Hughes? Tentu saja tidak, kenapa kamu bisa ingat? Mike mengira bumi itu datar, dan membuat roket untuk membuktikannya.

Kloning Monyet: Cina kloning dua monyet! – TomoNews

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SHANGHAI — Cina berhasil mengkloning monyet menggunakan DNA yang ditransfer, menandai saat pertama prestasi seperti itu telah tercapai dan mungkin membuka jalan bagi kloning manusia.

Apa yang terjadi kalau magnet bumi berbalik? – TomoNews

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INTI BUMI — Tiang magnet bumi berganti setiap beberapa ratus ribu lebih, dan sepertinya kita segera terlambat untuk berputar

Polar Bears Are Running Out Of Food, Study Reveals

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Polar Bears Are Running Out Of Food, Study Reveals

This Is Why Funny Cat Videos Are Good For You

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Scientist stumbles upon treasure trove of dinosaur tracks

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While most people are looking toward the sky at the Goddard Space Flight Center, one man turned his gaze elsewhere and made an incredible discovery. CBS News correspondent Chip Reid explains.

First Ever Primate Clones Unveiled in China

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These adorable baby monkeys are clones! 8-week-old Zhong Zhong and 6-week-old Hua Hua became the first primates to be successfully cloned using somatic cell nuclear transfer, and were unveiled in Suzhou on Wednesday. ...

30-Year-Old Las Vegas Shooting Victim Leaves Hospital: ‘I Feel Strong’

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Doctors did not expect Jovanna Calzadillas ever to recover from the bullet lodged in her brain. The wife and mother was one of more than 500 people injured during the Las Vegas shooting massacre last October. Jovanna,...

Are Sandwiches Helping Contribute to Global Warming?

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Could sandwiches be helping the spread of global warming? Buzz60's Nick Cardona (@nickcardona93) has that story.

Smartphones That Can See Through Walls Are Coming

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Smartphones that can see through walls with laser technology are coming. Elizabeth Keatinge (@elizkeatinge) has more.

Is that selfie a security risk?

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An estimated 93 million selfies are taken every day. But photos taken in the wrong place could compromise everything from your credit info to intellectual property. Social Media Compliance CEO Kitty Parry explains how...

Some People Are Sexually Aroused by Intelligence

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SpaceX test-fires powerful Falcon Heavy rocket

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SpaceX has test-fired its powerful Falcon Heavy rocket, a critical hurdle ahead of the new booster's maiden flight. The brief ignition caused a huge cloud of exhaust to emerge from historic pad 39A at the Kennedy Spac...

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