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NASA Shares Image Of California Wildfire From Space

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Here's what the recent California wildfire looks like from space.

Oumuamua serait une sonde extraterrestre ? Une théorie “possible” mais “sans doute pas vraie”, selon Alain Cirou

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Cet objet interstellaire a traversé notre système solaire en octobre 2017. Deux scientifiques estiment qu'il pourrait s'agir d'une sonde extraterrestre. "En science, on a le droit d'avoir des idées folles", réagit le ...

Stephen Hawking On £50 Bill?

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The Bank of England has asked for the public's suggestions for nominating a scientist for the £50 note and some say Stephen Hawking is a strong contender.

Hundreds of scientists are running for office

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It's been an unprecedented year in politics leading up to Tuesday’s midterm elections with a historic number of women and minorities running for office. Scientists have typically steered clear of the political fray, b...

Our Milky Way Galaxy Is Blowing Massive Mysterious Bubbles

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NASA recently shared details of massive bubbles that our galaxy is blowing.

Dirty Jokes Found Depicted On 1,800-Year-Old Roman Bathroom Mosaics

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Dirty jokes appear to have been depicted in a bathroom dating back around 1,800 years.

SpaceX Starman And Tesla Roadster Have Now Gone Past Mars

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SpaceX's Starman and Tesla Roadster have ventured past Mars.

NASA Satellite Picks Up A ‘Thermal Anomaly’ In The Middle Of Atlantic Ocean

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Satellite imaging has provided loads of valuable information about what’s happening on our planet, but, like most advanced technologies, it’s not without its bugs and glitches.

NASA Releases First 8K Footage From Space

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NASA on Friday shared its first 8K footage from space.

Scientists Find Evidence Of Lead Exposure In Teeth Of 250,000-Year-Old Neanderthal

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An international team of scientists has found evidence of lead exposure in the teeth of a 250,000-year-old Neanderthal, dispelling the notion that lead contamination is a relatively recent concern.

Mysterious Interstellar Object ‘Oumuamua Might Be An Alien Lightsail Spacecraft, Astrophysicists Say

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Astrophysicists say 'Oumuamua might be an alien object.

Researchers Find Bioluminescent Substance In A Non-Glowing Cave Worm From Brazil

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Researchers recently found a bioluminescent substance in a non-glowing cave worm larva from Brazil, making it the first creature of its kind found in the Neotropics.

Can Artificial Intelligence Create Art?

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Scientists Announce Plan To Sequence Genomes Of All ‘Complex Life’ On The Planet

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November 1 marks the launch of the Earth BioGenome Project, an effort to sequence the genomes of all “complex life” on the planet. Students and teachers visiting George Washington's Virginia estate recently found a ro...

900-Pound Shipment Of Invasive Mitten Crabs Stopped By US Customs

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Roughly 900 pounds of highly invasive Chinese mitten crabs were recently discovered by agricultural specialists with the US Customs and Border Protection.

Our Milky Way Holds A Galactic Secret

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Scientists have made a significant discovery about the history of our Milky Way.

Why Some Experts Recommend Against Raking Fall Leaves

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Raking up fallen leaves is often one of the time-consuming chores of autumn, but some experts suggest that homeowners should let them remain on the ground.

Scientists Reconstruct A Neanderthal Ribcage

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A team of researchers has created a reconstruction of a Neanderthal ribcage.

One Photographer Captured The Moment A Meteor Exploded Over a Castle

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It what is most likely a once in a lifetime event, one man caught a meteor exploding in the sky over a castle.

NASA’s Pumpkin-Carving Contest Is Out Of This World

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NASA had a pumpkin-carving contest and the results were predictable.

Stunning 5,655-Carat Emerald Found In Zambian Mine

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A 5,655-carat emerald was recently found in Zambia’s Kagem mine.

Melania Trump’s ‘ChooseKind’ Tweet For Bullying Prevention Month Backfires

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Melania Trump's "ChooseKind" drew numerous negative reactions.

Tesla Shareholder Ready To Back Elon Musk With Cash If Needed

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A partner at Scottish investment firm Baillie Gifford, said he would be willing to back Elon Musk with more cash if needed. According to Business Insider, Fund Manager, Nick Thomas told The Times of London that Musk i...

Discovery Suggests People Have Been Enjoying Chocolate 1,500 Years Longer Than Thought

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A recent discovery suggests that people have been using cacao, the ingredient used to make chocolate, for centuries longer than thought.

Engineers At NASA Apparently Take Pumpkin Carving Very Seriously

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Carving pumpkins on Halloween is something almost everyone does… even engineers at NASA.

How NASA Tested A Parachute For Mars

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Here's how NASA recently tested a parachute for Mars.

Mysterious Stripes Spotted on Saturn Moon Dione

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Researchers are studying mysterious stripes on Saturn's moon Dione.

رائد الفضاء السابق تشارلز بولدن يسرد تفاصيل رحلته المشوقة إلى الفضاء

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ديانا نعمة وتقرير الجزء الثاني من مقابلة تشارلز بولدن المبعوث العلمي للخارجية الامريكية والمدير السابق لوكالة الفضاء الامريكية ناسا وهو رائد فضاء سابق ايضا

Evidence Points To Life-Supporting Oxygen-Rich Water On Mars

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It’s well-established that the Martian surface is completely inhospitable to life as we know it, but recent research suggests that may not be the case down below.

Study says drug could help women with aggressive type of breast cancer

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A new study shows a drug targeting the immune system could help women with an aggressive type of breast cancer. The results were announced at a conference in Europe and could change the way women are treated. Dr. Jon ...

Study: Not Exercising Worse Than Smoking, Diabetes and Heart Disease

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Would you procrastinate on your exercises if science has proved not doing it is worse than smoking or having heart disease or diabetes? Buzz60's Maria Mercedes Galuppo has more.

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