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Youngest Known Pulsar In Milky Way Identified

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The youngest known pulsar in the Milky Way has been identified.

Newly Discovered Flesh-Eating, Piranha-Like Fish Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

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A team of scientists has discovered the world’s oldest known flesh-eating fish.

Psychologist Says Listening To Pre-Season Christmas Music Can Adversely Affect Mental Health

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A lot of stores start cranking the Christmas music before Thanksgiving, and in some cases, Halloween. Psychologist Linda Blair says that it can have an adverse impact on people’s mental health.

These Are Facial Expressions For ‘Pain’ And ‘Orgasm’ In Different Cultures

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A recent study suggests that a number of cultures have distinct “pain” and “orgasm” expressions, but not necessarily the same ones.

Cosmologist Says Humans Have A 50% Chance Of Surviving The 21st Century

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Martin Rees, who is Britain’s astronomer royal and a Cambridge University professor, is giving humans a 50%-or-so chance of surviving the 21st century.

New Microscope Offers 4-D View Of Organ Development Inside Mouse Embryo

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A new microscope gives scientists "a front-row seat to the drama of mammalian development."

2020 census will add high-tech data collection

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The Census Bureau announced it will be utilizing satellite images to track where new homes have been constructed and what homes will need 2020 census forms. But with new technology comes new concerns. Wall Street Jour...

NASA Scientists Can ‘Walk’ On Mars Using Mixed-Reality Software

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A mixed-reality software is helping NASA scientists "walk" on Mars.

Pig Plays Tag With Police Officers, Poses For Photos Afterward

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Florida’s Pinellas Park Police Department reported via Facebook on Thursday that an escaped pig recently played a game of tag with its officers.

Graduate Student Finds New Exoplanet 500 Light Years Away

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A graduate student who used to dream about visiting a far-off planet recently found one.

Astronomers Witness Birth Of Neutron Star Binary System For The First Time

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A Caltech-led team of researchers may have witnessed the birth of a compact neutron star binary system.

Boa Constrictor Escapes From High School Biology Lab, Sets Off Alarms

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A boa constrictor escaped from a Fairfax County, Virginia high school biology lab just after midnight on Monday.

NASA: No Word Yet From Mars Rover Opportunity After Dust Storm

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NASA reported on Thursday that it has yet to hear from Opportunity rover.

Study Suggests That Lizards Have Dreams

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Recent research suggests that lizards have dreams.

Prehistoric Rock Carvings In Western India Suggest Existence Of Unknown Civilization

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Hundreds of prehistoric rock carvings recently found in the Indian state of Maharashtra suggest the existence of an unknown civilization.

Space Agency’s Movie Shows Mascot Lander Descending To Asteroid Ryugu

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Japan’s space agency on Friday shared a movie of the MASCOT lander descending onto the asteroid Ryugu.

Astronomers Have Discovered Sonic Boom From Unseen Cosmic Explosion

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Astronomers, for the first time, have discovered the sonic boom of an otherwise undetected cosmic explosion.

Shocking Dashcam Shows Head-On Collision During Overtaking

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A video out of Australia shows a head-on collision during overtaking.

EBay says Amazon poached sellers and other MoneyWatch headlines

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EBay says Amazon illegally stole sellers, and shopping mall vacancies hit a seven-year high. Those headlines and more from CBS MoneyWatch.

Trump Offers Condolences To Indonesia Tsunami and Earthquake Victims

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President Trump on Monday offered condolences to the Indonesian victims.

Apple’s First Computer Made Sold For 450 Times The Original Price

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A fully functioning Apple 1 hit the auction block last week at RR Auction in Boston and fetched $300,000 from an anonymous buyer — a relative steal for a highly coveted piece of computer history that helped launch a t...

Mystery Deepens After Black Holes Ruled Out As Universe’s Missing Dark Matter

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A recent study suggests “that none of the universe's dark matter consists of heavy black holes.”

First Full-Scale Hyperloop Passenger Capsule Has Been Unveiled

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First full-scale Hyperloop passenger capsule was unveiled in Spain.

This ‘Puffy’ Planet Has The Density Of Styrofoam

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KELT-11b is a strange planet in many ways.

Astronomer Warns Particle Accelerators Could Shrink Earth To Just 330 Feet Across

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An astronomer in the UK is warning that a particle accelerator experiment gone awry could result in the Earth shrinking to about 330 feet across.

Paramedic Finishes Mowing Lawn Of Man Attacked By Dog In Viral Photo

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A paramedic in Florida recently added yard work to the emergency services he performs.

Facebook security breach affects tens of millions of accounts

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Hackers exploited a security weakness on Facebook, compromising 50 million accounts. The tech giant says its engineering team discovered the security flaw three days ago. In addition to the 50 million accounts targete...

NASA Spots Opportunity Rover Threatened By Martian Dust Storm

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NASA hasn’t heard from its rover Opportunity for some time, but it recently got a glimpse of the robotic explorer.

World War II Bombing Raids Were ‘Felt’ In Space: Study

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A recent study revealed that the bombing raids by Allied forces in World War II were “felt at [the] edge of space.” According to a recent study, the bombing raids by Allied forces in World War II were "felt at [the] e...

Scans Reveal Over 60,000 Hidden Mayan Structures

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A recent lidar survey in northern Guatemala revealed over 61,000 previously unknown Mayan structures.

Newly Discovered Galileo Letter Shows His Attempt To Trick The Inquisition

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A centuries-old letter by renowned thinker Galileo Galilei has been discovered.

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