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Passenger Pigeons: Primed for ‘De-Extinction’

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Passenger Pigeons: Primed for 'De-Extinction'The Long Now Foundation - Long Now FoundationDeath is still forever, but extinction may not be---at least for creatures that humans drove extinct in the last 10,000 years. ...

Jonathan Axelrad: What’s the Real Cost of Oil?

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Jonathan Axelrad: What’s the Real Cost of Oil?J-REC - Etz ChayimLearn and plan what steps you and your Jewish congregation can take in response to the energy challenge: the latest on solar, electric cars, and retrofit...

Fitbit CEO James Park: We Need a MagicBand for Hospitals

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Fitbit CEO James Park: We Need a MagicBand for HospitalsThe Atlantic - Ronald Reagan BuildingJames Park, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, FitbitInterviewed by: Steve Clemons

PR Submission Site | About us

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PR submission site is a free news platform that mostly focuses on latest news, health, fitness, lifestyle and the truth. It's absolutely free to submit your news here and help us in making...

The Life of an Entrepreneur

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The Life of an EntrepreneurBusiness Today - Metropolitan WestRobert Cromwell, Founder @ InklingJohn Thimsen, Senior Director @ Qualtrics

Robinhood: A Mobile-First, Millennial-First Investing App

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Robinhood: A Mobile-First, Millennial-First Investing AppBusiness Today - Metropolitan WestVladimir Tenev, Founder @ Robinhood

MIT develops tech to pack several vaccine doses into a single shot

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CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS — The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a drug delivery method that packs multiple doses in a single injection, and could soon make multi-shot vaccines a thing of the past. ...

PlanGrid CEO: Building a Startup Team From Scratch

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PlanGrid CEO: Building a Startup Team From ScratchBusiness Today - Metropolitan WestTracy Young, Founder @ PlanGrid

Dustin Moskovitz: Best Startups to Work For

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Dustin Moskovitz: Best Startups to Work ForBusiness Today - Metropolitan WestDustin Moskovitz, Founder @ Asana

iPhone X: Do Apple’s innovations go far enough?

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Apple's new flagship iPhone is the most expensive phone it has ever produced. The tech giant unveiled its $1,000 iPhone X on Tuesday along with two less expensive models in a highly publicized rollout. The pricey new ...

Tracy Chou: Becoming an Advocate for Women Engineers

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Tracy Chou: Becoming an Advocate for Women EngineersWIRED - Museum of Jewish HeritageTracy Chou, Engineering Lead, Pinterest

‘Robotic Smart Homes’ Set to Improve Lives of Elderly

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Fujita Health University Hospital's latest 'Robotic Smart Homes' concept is designed to help care for Japan's rapidly aging population. The innovative project aims to transform elderly people's houses into 'Smart' hom...

Would Socrates Have Liked the Internet?

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Would Socrates Have Liked the Internet?Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates - Kaufman CenterSmart technology grants us unprecedented, immediate access to knowledge and to each other-a ubiquitous and seamless presence in ...

Twitter Freaked Out by iPhone X’s New Face Scan Technology by Wochit Headline News – Dailymotion

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Apple announced a new iPhone feature that lets it scan your face and make 3D image models from it. Apple has two uses for the technology right now, called FaceDepth.

Alien hunters detect radio signals from distant galaxy

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BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA — Astronomers last month reported detections of radio bursts from a far away galaxy. Writing in the Astronomer's Telegram, scientists reported 15 fast radio bursts detected from a dwarf galaxy so...

China Floats to the Top of the Solar Energy Pool

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China is literally floating its solar energy fututre atop of its coal-burning past. If you liked this, sign up for the Weekly Memo, a handpicked selection of the most Interesting Shit delivered to your inbox every Sat...

Actress/Teacher Elizabeth Kemp Dead At 65

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Elizabeth Kemp — actress and teacher at The Actor’s Studio — passed away after a battle with cancer on September 2. She was 65-years-old. Kemp was born November 5, 1951 in Key West, Florida. After graduating from High... 2016 news highlights technology

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As 2016 comes to a close, the Inquirer asks in its yearender series seven questions for the new year, considering key local and international events that shaped ...

CBSN On Assignment preview: Cyber soldiers

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The medical industry has become the number-one target for hackers. Cyber crooks can sell credit card numbers for about 15 cents each, but someone's medical records could be worth hundreds of dollars. Vladimir Duthiers...

Peter Dinklage Tells Fans Not To Buy Huskies

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Actor and star of the mega-popular HBO fantasy/drama Game of Thrones Peter Dinklage is urging fans to stop buying huskies just for the sake of their likeness to the series’ direwolves. Made popular by house Stark, dir...

The Soldier of the Future

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The US military is developing technology in order to create a new generation of 'super soldiers'.

Deadpool 2 Resumes Filming After Stunt Driver Death

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Principal photography on Deadpool 2 has resumed two days after the tragic death of a stuntwoman on set.The driver, who has since been identified as Joi “SJ” Harris, lost control of her motorcycle and crashed while fil...

This Next Generation ‘E-Skin’ May Revolutionise the Way We Exercise

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Japanese company Xenoma showed off its first mass produced e-skin on Wednesday, a machine washable t-shirt with electric sensors that could revolutionise health technology for the home. The e-skin is equipped with a u...

Report: DNC Email Hack Was Actually a Leak

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A new report suggests that the DNC hack was actually a leak. Elizabeth Keatinge (@elizkeatinge) has more.

These Are Things You Should Never Post Online

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Make online safety a priority by never posting these things on social media. TC Newman has the story.

Kong: Skull Island Butts Heads With CinemaSins?

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Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of this year’s Kong: Skull Island, has taken issue with the YouTube channel CinemaSins.

Vanderbilt University Recalls 8,000 Eclipse Viewing Glasses

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Vanderbilt University recalled 8000 pair of eclipse viewing glasses. Elizabeth Keatinge (@elizkeatinge) has more.

Poor Parking Skills? This Smart Car Park May Have the Perfect Solution

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Gone are the days when poorly-parked cars took up too much space in already overcrowded car parks. These clever platforms are able to move cars and park them closely next to one another to save as much space as possib...

“iGen” author on why today’s kids are developing more slowly

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A new book is detailing the dramatic effects digital devices can have on today's youth. Author and psychologist Jean Twenge wrote the book "iGen" on why today's super-connected kids are growing up less prepared for ad...

Report: Emails Show Trump Campaign Aide Repeatedly Tried to Set Up Russia Meetings

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The Washington Post reports George Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign volunteer, tried to set up meetings with Russia, but was rebuffed. Elizabeth Keatinge (@elizkeatinge) has more.

Report: There Are Cracks in the DNC Email Leak Story

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The Hill spoke to some cybersecurity experts who say that the theory that the DNC email hack was actually a leak is flawed. Elizabeth Keatinge (@elizkeatinge) has more.

Apple’s iOS 10.3 Update

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Apple is set to release its latest software update: iOS 10.3, with better search, storage, and location features.

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