DealBook Briefing: Senate Would Keep Business Waiting for a Tax Cut
He also said this: Mr. Cohn told CNBC that he thought that Mr. Trump and Lloyd Blankfein, his former boss, have many similarities.
But also emerging is an apparent attempt to depoliticize an increasingly heated dispute with the Justice Department: The A&T chief told Andrew
that the Trump administration had never asked him to sell CNN, and that he didn’t believe there was a “Trump factor” in the talks.
• President Trump’s public criticisms of CNN could hurt legitimate legal arguments
that the Justice Department would bring if it sued to block the Time Warner deal, according to David Shepardson and Jan Wolfe of Reuters.
E.O., Randall L. Stephenson, said that selling CNN to push through his company’s
acquisition of Time Warner hasn’t been on the table — and never will be.
Mr. Blankfein, a Democrat who has publicly criticized the president, later told CNBC, “I don’t mind the comparison.”
Thirteen newsmakers joined us at the DealBook conference on Thursday, and many made news.
With Andrew Ross Sorkin
The latest developments in the tax overhaul are on our minds, especially since
the Senate is proposing delaying a cut to the corporate rate until 2019.



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