“Elizabeth Warren has a message for any television personalities questioning the merits of increased financial regulation: You’re wrong. During a media tour last week to bring attention to…



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  • SuperSaltyFries 3 years ago

    I consider myself a libertarian, but damn, this lady is the best democrat I
    think I’ve ever seen. 

  • TacomaPaul 3 years ago

    Anyone that wants to be President should NOT be President… for the simple
    fact that they WANT to be President !
    Something wrong inside of that brain.

  • Dinner with Mariah 3 years ago

    Did you know that the Koch brothers have pledged $880 million dollars
    toward buying the 2016 election? Do you think that should be legal? Do you
    think they won’t demand to have legislation in their favor in return? What
    a sad situation our country is in when this is our electoral process.

    The republicans are now on the income inequality and declining middle class
    bandwagon. But they need to check their historical facts for the reason.
    The best economic period in history was the 1950s and 1960s which the tea
    party says is their goal to return the USA to. The middle class was the
    driving force behind that economy as they were the consuming machine that
    made that such a great time. A family could thrive with the husband working
    a blue collar job while the wife stayed home to raise the children. They
    could afford to buy a home, a car, take a vacation every year and save for
    their kids college and their daughter’s wedding as well as retirement.

    But how was it possible? Because of socialism. Yes that is factually
    accurate! That was a period with the largest amount of wealth distribution
    in our country’s history. The rich were taxed up to 90% and it was
    redistributed through the GI bill to pay for college and housing and job
    creation. Home prices were regulated, as was health care, the price of
    milk, gasoline, utilities, air travel, automobile prices, and 1 in 3
    workers were in a union. There was one phone company, Ma Bell, that leased
    you your telephone. It was illegal to own a bar of gold and businesses were
    taken to task if they were unethical or did illegal things.

    So when you think of the prosperity of the golden era of America at least
    be honest why it was so successful. 

  • Tim Devine 3 years ago

    For the sake of humanity, please Mrs. Warren run for President. (From

  • Kj Hammerman 3 years ago

    i like her. i would vote for her over hillary clinton.

  • shima 3 years ago

    Elizabeth Warren for President!
    /From Sweden

  • Benjamin H. 3 years ago

    Warren has *20 years* of experience as a Harvard law professor *specializing
    in bankruptcy*. I have a strong feeling those fucking fools arguing with
    her don’t have a tenth of her credibility on this issue.

  • Woozle Hypertwin 3 years ago

    And this is why Elizabeth Warren is Awesome. 

  • Mariah Milano 3 years ago

    I really hope that Warren runs for president. We need someone wo actually
    represents the common person, not just the wealthy. She is a hero to tens
    of millions whereas republican politicians represent about 5% of the
    country. But the poor republicans keep voting against their own best
    interest because they don’t know any better.

  • Alex Korova 3 years ago

    Wait a second…..Indian squaw Elizabeth Warren is a member of what tribe?

  • Ralph Gauthier 3 years ago

    *With the GOP in control of both houses of Congress, don’t look for Sen
    Warren to get much, if anything, accomplished in the next two years.*

    You know what you have to do between now and #november2016 , right?

  • Peter Cooney 3 years ago

    And a year later warren rips into the American Banking Association chairman
    about this very same law put into effect one year ago. Banking industry up
    7% and community bank up 12%.

  • Polarcupcheck 3 years ago

    Vote for her? I’d marry her.

  • Awesomeness Hippopotamus 3 years ago

    Warren 2016!!!

  • UnordinaryLife 3 years ago

    Warren 2016!

  • Mariah Milano 3 years ago

    If progressives are full of shit then please share how the conservative
    pro-wealth strategy has worked for the average american. Reagan got rid of
    regulation and ever since our middle class is disappearing while the
    wealthy few get richer and richer. That is a FACT, not an opinion.

  • benjamiy831 3 years ago

    E Warren for POTUS?

  • Chuck Ruff 3 years ago

    Elizabeth Warren Destroys CNBC Anchors: http://youtu.be/nTWfa-iO9Nc

  • Squirrlyburt 3 years ago

    This encapsulates so much of what is wrong with modern leftists. 

  • DONGOE 3 years ago

    Cenk, you’re a leftist lackey and full of manure.

  • Dan Ski 3 years ago

    Id vote Warren over Hillary if she runs.

  • Mike Goss 3 years ago

    Hey !, our bankers only have our poor folk interests at heart. We should
    let them take advantage of the system whenever they feel like it. After
    all, they are smarter than us.
    (Boy are we a bunch of dummies.)

  • xxCCBBxx 3 years ago

    Playing devil’s advocate here. Why not have a full disclosure and basically
    have something that says “enter at your own risk” if you decide to put your
    money in a bank that does that (not abide by Glass-Steagall, that is)? Sort
    of like a “surgeon general warning” that goes on harmful products like
    alcohol or tobacco, but instead on banks that have riskier practices. That
    way, voluntary action is still present but there is still more consumer
    awareness. Why would this not work? Would appreciate a response that’s not

  • Stan Skaggs 3 years ago

    This person obviously does not know anything about the Free-Market banking
    system. The bank crashes which she refers to all come from manipulation by
    liberal structuring in the free market banking system. Remember the S&L
    crisis was based on lending to non-certified loan recipients based on
    liberal manipulations as usual to give jobless and unfiscally solid
    recipients loans based on political correctness instead of sound ability to
    repay loans.

  • Rick Sander 3 years ago

    Considering that CNBC doesnt have a whole new line up, Id say they weren’t
    quite destroyed. :)

  • Peter IcYou 3 years ago

    You are a shill….

  • unhappyview54 3 years ago

    MSNBC fired Ugar for being critical of Obama and replaced him with Rev Al
    Sharpton, who NEVER criticizes Obama. Now you have to swallow that old crow
    Hillary, ugggg, how can you watch that old witch??

  • drsebastian 3 years ago

    Wooo, wait a minute, you mean to tell me a democrat (WARREN) wants to
    reinstate and undo what a previous democrat (CLINTON) did?


    So please stop already with this PARTISAN BULLSHIT.

  • Edward Bernays 3 years ago

    Another DS party member who needs to be exposed and exiled!

  • Jaren C 3 years ago

    I’d put a ring on it.

  • gantmj 3 years ago

    I love when someone’s (Jim Cramer) ego forces them to make a fool of
    themselves online.

  • tommy thegunn 3 years ago

    Oh god i accidentally clicked on the young turks again.

  • josephtenbears 3 years ago

    Elizabeth Warren is a lying, phony, Socialist CUNT!

  • unhappyview54 3 years ago

    BLABLABLA, you libs are stuck with that old crow Hillary, she’s is owned by
    Wall Street and she is for that trade bill. I love that listening tour,
    Dems are so stupid they will buy this crap. How come Warren is so scared
    of Hillary?

  • donald miller 3 years ago

    The majority of the populations ability to satisfy obligations, both
    morally and economically and educating our kids to become more financially
    responsible should be in direct correlation to the regulation and
    deregulation of the banking system and will change prospectively. 

  • D Novacaine 3 years ago

    this clown (the host) needs to go back to his day job. Awful.

  • montpelier42d 3 years ago

    I love ‘The Young Turks’!

  • songman1955 3 years ago

    or at least the only poltiican that is telling the truth about the banks-

  • william Mian Wei 3 years ago


  • Renna Mccalister 3 years ago

    Elizabeth Warren Brings News Anchors To Knees: http://youtu.be/nTWfa-iO9Nc

  • Omy . 3 years ago

    And this is why Elizabeth Warren is Awesome. 

  • Kayle Eastcott 3 years ago

    TYT: Please make less deceptive thumbnails by putting your watermark or
    some indicator that I will be clicking through on a TYT video. It is
    presented in a way that makes one think they are about to see the raw
    interview. Thanks.

  • Ed David 3 years ago

    this was fascinating – thank you

  • Larry Maric 3 years ago

    I often wonder how Americans can ignore how Banks work in other
    countries…..like the ones where regulations exist, like say Canada!! Our
    banks don’t crash….

  • mike inrva 3 years ago

    So wish she was running instead of the corporate sponsored Hillary.

  • James 3 years ago

    Please God let Pocahontas run!!!!!! She can’t possibly win and will
    complete the destruction of the democrat party begun by obama.

    Oh, and Pocahontas did not ‘destroy’ anyone here. Sorry to burst your
    bubble, babies. The business cycle cannot be stopped, by Pocahontas, or by
    your messiah. Nice how she rewrites history to her own convenience.

  • MrYungTurk 3 years ago

    Warren G had to regulate…

  • Stamango 3 years ago

    She fights from the heart. What a lot of research, clear thought, and
    education this lady has. And she has amazing drive. She destroys almost
    everybody. Why can’t she run for President? I would vote for her. I have no
    idea how she would win the Presidency without much corporate backing. But
    if she doesn’t try, she has zero chance.

  • Mallory Moonlover 3 years ago

    4-15-15 please sign and share!

    Big Bank whistleblowers are coming forward asking why the Dept. Of Justice
    hasn’t already filed criminal charges against the bank officers and
    managers identified in their evidence, given to the DOJ as early as 2008 in
    some cases!

    Only Billion dollar civil fines for their crimes.
    And they get to WRITE OFF large portions of these fines as the ‘price of
    doing business’. Did you get to write off your parking tickets this year
    on your taxes?

    They know the statute of limitations on the mortgage frauds expires this

    Please sign +email + post to FB my online petition.
    She inspired me!


    Need 100k signatures in 46 days. Help get the bank felons!

    They know the clock is ticking.
    If everyone who did NOT sign the petition, because they thought it was
    hopeless, DID sign it, we’d be at 100k already 🙂


    Thank you for helping the safety and soundness of our financial system.

  • STILL 3 years ago

    Just to make the point more – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTWfa-iO9Nc