Fox News to Bolster Its Conservative Lineup With Mark Levin
“No plotting or planning or conspiracy theories of any sort.”
Although Mr. Levin may fly below the radar of many liberals, he was in the news in March when he informed radio listeners about a “big scandal”:
that President Obama had wiretapped Mr. Trump’s campaign.
On Tuesday, the network announced that another hard-line conservative is set to join its ranks: Mark Levin, one of
the country’s most prominent right-wing radio hosts, who will host a weekly Sunday show starting in February.
A champion of tea party politics who also served in the Ronald Reagan administration, Mr. Levin is an idiosyncratic conservative
who, in the midst of last year’s Republican primary, declared that he would never vote for Donald J. Trump.
He rivals his fellow talk-radio hosts, Mr. Hannity and Ms. Ingraham, in audience size,
but not in name recognition, a situation that could change with his new perch on Fox News.
Fox News’s prime time has tilted Trump-ward this year, adding the talk-radio personality
Laura Ingraham to the White House-friendly lineup of Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.


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