In Bangladesh, Pope Francis Gets Closer to Saying ‘Rohingya’
verything, but they have their name,” she said the most important question for them now was “do they have a voice?” “And for everyone who bears witness to the suffering
that they have been experiencing,” she added, “we help give them, and we help amplify, their voice.” She said the pope had done so in the past, and also now. that who have been stripped entirely of e
Saying the pope was aware that the Bangladeshi government had provided shelter to “one million Rohingyas who were forcefully displaced,” Mr. Hamid noted the “atrocities of the Myanmar army.” “Women
and children were brutally killed, thousands of women were violated,” he added.
30, 2017
DHAKA, Bangladesh — After staying uncharacteristically quiet in Myanmar about the persecution of
that nation’s Muslim Rohingya minority, Pope Francis began to find his voice on the humanitarian crisis upon arriving here on Thursday afternoon.
Mr. Basar said that He was asked by the government not to use the word Rohingya,
” Mr. Hamid said. that Your passionate voice against such brutality raises hope for resolving the crisis,



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