Juventus’ Near Miracle Against Real Madrid Ends in Controversy
He said at a news conference on Tuesday that the idea of ending his Champions League career was “not a drama.” In fact, he added, “if
that turned out to be the case, I would have signed as a child to be able to play my last game in the Bernabéu against Real Madrid.”
But a few hours after making those comments, Buffon
and his Juventus teammates watched Tuesday’s incredible turnaround victory in Rome, where Roma thumped Barcelona by 3-0 to earn its place in the semifinals, after having lost 4-1 in Barcelona a week earlier.
It’s a shame that it should end like this.”
Zidane, for his part, refused to discuss the circumstances of the last-minute penalty, saying
that “referees have a difficult job.” He added: “I’ve had opportunities to argue with referees, but I don’t do it.”
He offered words of comfort for the Italian keeper, whom he had also faced as a player in another dramatic game, the final of the 2006
World Cup in Germany — when Zidane himself was sent off for head-butting Marco Materazzi, the Italian midfielder, in the chest
“That changes everything, because the others were lifted while we lowered our heads.”
Overall, Zidane argued, “if we look at the two games, we deserve to get to the semifinals
and that’s it.” Massimiliano Allegri, the Juventus coach, unsurprisingly offered a different reading:
“If you look at both games, both teams would have deserved to qualify, but that isn’t possible,” he said.


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