Netflix Is a Buy as it Reaches ‘Escape Velocity’
“Netflix has permanently altered consumer tolerance for disruptive video advertising, shifted consumers toward binging a series vs. watching live week-to-week, put a spotlight on the poor price/value relationship of the large, multichannel bundles with so many channels you have no interest in,
and led us to live in a recommendation-driven world powered by data/algorithms vs. channel surfing through a horizontal grid of channels,” explained Greenfield.
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Los Gatos, Calif.-based media giant Netflix Inc. (NFLX) got its second major price target hike this week following
its rally last week, which was driven by stronger-than-expected subscription growth in the second quarter.
“While we look to our $12 [earnings-per-share] power in 2021 as our valuation benchmark, we think there is a much larger opportunity over
time,” said Sanderson, who foresees opportunity outside the U. S. to amount to four to five times that of domestic opportunity over time
“It appears increasingly apparent that legacy media companies have indeed created a ‘monster’
that is threatening their financial future.” The BTIG analyst lifted his subscriber estimates through 2020, to 178 million from 165 million estimated just four months ago.


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