NYPD Ditching 36K Windows Smartphones for iPhones
While many are placing the blame on NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Information Technology Jessica Tisch, who made the original decision to switch to Windows, sources suggest “nobody purchased 36,000 phones based on the judgment of one person.” Tisch partially made her decision on the fact
that the department was already using Microsoft software for video surveillance purposes.
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Less than two years after a $160 million initiative began to give Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) smartphones to all of
the New York Police Department’s 36,000 officers, the police force is moving to Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) iPhones.
Less than a year after the initiative was completed with the last smartphones handed out to officers in October
2016, officials are planning to replace the entire lot with brand-new iPhones by the end of 2017.
Instead, the tech giant will focus its attention on Windows 10 Mobile, a newer operating system which is incompatible with the NYPD’s devices.
The choice follows Microsoft’s decision in July to stop supporting the operating system
that runs the NYPD’s devices and a handful of other custom-engineered apps.



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