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  • Ryan Masters 3 years ago

    She is just ripping a page out of Warren’s book to get actual progressives
    to vote for her. I hope it does not work. Rather have Bernie there. 

  • Jim Doug 3 years ago
  • 000deadcalm000 3 years ago

    Hillary Clinton is a corporate and banking whore….she will tell the
    people whatever they think they want them to hear…just like Obama. Go
    ahead an vote for Hillary if you want more of the same.

  • Sage Mantis 3 years ago

    What I want to know is why the fuck does Elizabeth Warren have five times
    the chances of getting elected President over Bernie Sanders when she has
    never wanted to do it and has in fact stated vehemently she will not run,
    and Bernie Sanders has openly expressed his willingness to run but is not
    able to decide because he is not sure if he can garner the support.

    What the fuck is wrong with you people. Hello, anyone home?

  • MrOttopants 3 years ago

    Good Job Bernie. Wallace really wants to have something divisive. You’re
    doing a good job of sticking with the issues.

    You do a great job of appealing directly to the Fox viewers. They can’t
    disagree with so much of what you say.

  • Franky Lovan 3 years ago

    The Democratic Socialist, The Independent Senator fromm Vverrrmont! I give
    you… Mr. BERNIE “The Truth” SAAAANDERRRRSs!!!!!!!

  • Dylan Chow 3 years ago

    I love how Wallace so confidently states Bernie wants to cut the military
    by 50%. Bernie never said that and no candidate would. That tidbit was
    probably thrown in their just to scare the Fox viewers away from Bernie’s
    logical policies, even though they probably wouldn’t understand them

  • John Marlowe 3 years ago

    Bernie = authentiity and Wallace earned FOX a modicum of impartiality.

  • Justin Villa 3 years ago

    Warren/Sanders 2016!

  • grandmachristine42 3 years ago

    No Hillary.

  • mathew idicula 3 years ago

    Bernie sanders can succeed where the Hillery campaign can’t, and that is
    because the one time honored tradition of the right is to say government is
    corrupt so we should eliminate government ( not fix it). And Hillary
    Clinton is so obviously the face of it, because all subjective feelings
    aside she delegated ALL her government emails, and even the most ardent of
    supporters must conseed it looks shady. We need honest government to
    counteract the republican nihilism. We need to go back to the day when
    especially for a government official your word and honesty was the currency
    you traded on and let’s be honest Hillary ain’t it. We need a common touch
    from our elected officials, we need Bernie Sanders.

  • bloodandwinearered 3 years ago

    “The deck is stacked” Hillary took this line straight out of Senator
    Sander’s speech.

  • Andi Amador 3 years ago

    Great job on the interview, Bernie. I along with many others are waiting on
    pins and needles to hear if you will run. I contributed a little so far to
    your run. I really want you to run. We really need for you to run and win.

  • JUDALATION 3 years ago

    Is it too much to ask a hero like Sanders to run and DEFEAT the chosen one
    Hillery Clinton? I would cut my arm off for a Warren, Sanders ticket!

  • brad bourgeois 3 years ago

    We want Bernie!

  • pbeston73 3 years ago

    I listened to this as I sat at my computer. Hillary sounds questioning when
    she makes these remarks. She’s pandering and doesn’t believe in the words
    coming out of her mouth. There was a very clear contrast when you started
    speaking, Bernie. I can’t say it enough times: WE NEED YOU!

  • Right Wing Wackos Stalk Me 3 years ago

    Hey Chris Wallace … Sanders would not just be running against Hillary ..
    he would be running against whatever republican clown that gets the GOP
    nomination too …

    Sanders is an INDEPENDENT .. not a democrat ..

  • Hannes C. 3 years ago

    if I may: Mr. Sanders is such a badass intelligent guy!

  • Pierre S. 3 years ago

    Run Bernie run!!!

  • Zed Flanders 3 years ago

    I’m giving at least $100 to Senator Sanders campaign as soon as I can!
    Hilary is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She uses Sanders talking points but
    her track record betrays her true intentions.

  • AkJonny1965 3 years ago

    Wallace interviews Bernie about Hillary, what an asshole.

  • peter sodja 3 years ago

    Yeah, Sanders did really well.

  • Ole Olson 3 years ago

    Fox Propaganda is slippery. They just had a whole slew of attempted
    “gotcha” questions. Sanders did good to not take the bait.

  • Mulla Nasrudin 3 years ago

    But Bernie! What about Hillary Clinton?!
    Why must everybody speak of that hag when they talk to Bernie!
    Though the question on the single payer in Vermont was an interesting
    question and I don’t know enough about it…What happened?

  • Julie Sperber 3 years ago

    Why would anyone believe what she says!!!

  • SAM HAWKEN 3 years ago

    Bernie has my vote.

  • darris321 3 years ago

    That was surprisingly not ridiculous, fox. 

  • Mack Cyrus 3 years ago

    Way to go Bernie. The only thing the GOPTeabagger “News” channel wanted
    you to do was to help them destroy Hillary Clinton. Notice, nothing about
    what the Republican candidates.

  • KingLink95 3 years ago

    Please run for president Bernie Sanders. You are our only hope. Bernie
    Sanders 2016.

  • Matt Revell 3 years ago

    Hilary Clinton has no intention of doing anything to solve the issues she
    talks about.

  • maxx1000 3 years ago

    Keep calling it like you see it.

  • Lama-Jigme Gyatso 3 years ago
  • Cozmo Teckla 3 years ago

    His answer to all life’s problems. Tax the rich. Hasn’t that been what his
    party is doing? Who’s gonna be donating to him if he decides to run? Is it
    the same billionaires he wants to tax?

  • stevewonderr 3 years ago

    You”ll get the vote, and can electify audiences. Use the internet to get
    those dollars!

  • Mo Alshebani 3 years ago

    call me is very important

  • Stephen Jones 3 years ago

    Thank you for sticking to PRINCIPLE not Person Politics. 

  • The Real Flenuan 3 years ago

    Bernie, man, just answer the fucking questions they ask you. You’re never
    going to be elected if this is how you appear on the media.

  • Tom Gibson 3 years ago

    The question about having to raise taxes for health care is a ruse. We
    already spend four times as much per person on health care as almost all
    European countries. In that light any single payer system is already
    completely paid for. What we need to do is cut fraud waste and abuse.

  • Aidyn3000 3 years ago

    I would vote for Sanders in a heartbeat.

  • Bill Billingsly 3 years ago

    Fight fight fight!

  • Calvin Radcliffe 3 years ago

    Bernie 2016!!!!!!!! Finally sum common sense up there

  • ap hunt 3 years ago

    I love Bernie but I wish he wouldn’t have avoided the question on single
    payer healthcare in his state being vetoed. :(

  • VegematicDeluxe 3 years ago

    If the U.S. took 1 tenth of it`s bloated military budget and spent it on
    healthcare, the American medical system could be the most comprehensive and
    best in the world.
    Throughout history price of empires are usually borne by the people who can
    least afford it. Does anyone really believe anything that comes out of
    Hilary`s mouth. Now she decides she`s an anti poverty populist. I hope
    folks can tell the difference between grassroots and plastic AstroTurf.

  • Ivan S 3 years ago

    Sanders, I hope truth outshines all of that hillary BS

  • john smith 3 years ago

    she is telling everything you need to hear to get her elected and will
    leave you hanging if she gets elected.

  • gatoralley01 3 years ago

    If he runs he has my vote

  • Mack Cyrus 3 years ago

    There’s huge amounts of WASTE in the military. The military doesn’t need
    more multi-billion equipment — it needs more efficient equipment and more
    mobile, tactical, plans. The military-industrial complex and the
    Congressmen in their back pockets, are still planning and spending to fight
    wars as they were 75 years ago.

  • Anomie Toponymie 3 years ago

    I’d vote for Bernie.

  • artisanrox 3 years ago

    I have always been an Independent but I will switch parties if Bernie does,
    in order to vote for him in the primary against Clinton!!

  • spikethepunkrocker 3 years ago

    Kickstarter or indiegogo are good campaigning tools if you ask me ;)