Scientism Ideology: “The Big Bang”

The Science Education channel “D News plus” explains the Big Bang theory. With appearances by Trace Dominguez, Lawrence Krauss, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye.
13.8 billion years ago, all the energy and matter in the Universe was compressed into a tiny microscopic particle, for some unknown reason this particle exploded and formed the perfectly balanced universe we live in today.

Everything created requires a creator and the universe had to be created by something beyond nature, something we call supernatural. It also means that the supernatural cause of the universe must posses these qualities:
-spaceless because it created space
-timeless because it created time
-immaterial because it created matter
-intelligent because the universe was precisely designed
-eternal because it didn’t require a creator

Video source material:
D News +
Appearing: Donald Trump, Jason Miller, Dennis Hopper, John Malkovich, Ving Rhames, Javier Bardem, Billy Bob Thornton, Mickey Rourke, Tom Cruise, Joe Pesci, Anthony Hopkins,
Movie scenes: The Thing, The Ninth Configuration, True Romance, Of Mice and Men, Dawn of the Dead, Pulp Fiction, No Country for Old Men, Sling Blade, Angel Heart, A Few Good Men, Casino, Silence of the Lambs,
Music: Black Sabbath “Children of the Grave”


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