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  • Madelynn Shepard 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t want my “bad” memories to be erased..They’re something to look
    back on, and realize how they changed you..also you can look back and
    realize how much better stuff is, now.

  • prxnces 3 years ago

    i just realized julia starts most of her sentences with “i mean” or “but i
    mean like” but tbh i cant say shit bc i start most my sentences with “i
    mean” too LOL

  • indigo trane 3 years ago

    yall need to review the kylie jenner lip challenge

  • Mr.November 3 years ago

    too much Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind going on right now.

  • Jeannie 3 years ago

    “negative memory is actually beneficial” not when you have extreme

  • Julie Dang 3 years ago

    Wow Bart…I don’t even remember the Psychology I learnt last year…

  • jinlissul 3 years ago

    joe said “growing pains” then what anthony talks about reminds me of the
    music video lol.
    eunhae anybody?

  • xochilt escalante 3 years ago

    Anthony is literally one of the best guests on jk 

  • JustKiddingNews 3 years ago
  • Marc Bisil 3 years ago

    This is some “Ghost In the shell” type of shit… Dangerous as fuck !
    People will get brainwashed left and right against their will

  • Miguel N 3 years ago

    Please no, this will be abused as fuck to keep ppl quite about shit they
    don’t want ppl to find out. Used by gov’ts and shit, I get it would help
    normies but risk is too huge.

  • Kakashi Hatake 3 years ago

    This goes back to the other video about the parent that asked their kid ‘
    What did you fail at today?’ ( the millionaire or billionaire video)
    Sometimes negative memories strengthen your determination and make you a
    stronger person. Personally, if I had a chose to remove negative memories;
    I would say no.

  • ken lieu 3 years ago

    I wonder if Joe’s chest still tingles after being smacked. 

  • Kenneth Harry 3 years ago

    All I got from Bart in this episode was BLABLALBLA BLABLABLABLABLA

  • AaronJacko123 3 years ago

    No matter how bad the memory or choice you made was, it’s the reason you
    are what you are today

  • rasta king 3 years ago

    doesent that mean that you can turn certain people on to motionless
    assassins like the ones from phantom requiem

  • czarinapikachu25 3 years ago

    Hi Geo, Tiff, Bart, Joe, KC, Julia,Tommy, Anthony, & David :)

  • Wolfeh 3 years ago

    I want my brain to be erased of all things Game of Thrones so I can
    watch/read it again.

  • Josh Arma 3 years ago

    Am I the only who cringes randomly when remembering an embarrassing moment?

  • Yousra Limami 3 years ago

    Damn Bart knows his shit, I’m currently taking psychology and I heard all
    of those terms he said and I barely remember the meaning of them

  • naruto8105 3 years ago

    This reminds me of the game “Remember Me”.

  • Matt Vargas 3 years ago

    How bout replacing them with good ones 

  • chimyshark 3 years ago

    So…I can be able to inception my ass into my crushes mind, erase any
    awkwardness we have, and then ask her out as many times as I can until she
    likes me?

    hmm… i could erase her love for anybody else that she COULD have. I can
    be the only guy in her world!!!!

    MUHUAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Suzy Bae, you will be mine! >:]

  • James Perez 3 years ago

    Scientists may be able to erase negative memories from your brain while you

  • TheSwampHumanoid 3 years ago

    Oh shit I want to go get raped!

  • Katelyn Sarte 3 years ago

    Ok Bart, my brain hurts. Respect tho you know so much!!

  • TylerDaDragon 3 years ago


    My superpower when people ask is a way to forget/remember things at will
    subconciously. Like, if I want to remember/forget something, I can
    remember/forget it. Kind’ve like a second brain that stores unwanted
    memories that you can switch to, but more in kind’ve one compact brain of
    normal size.

  • Andy Nguyen 3 years ago

    I never knew Bart was so smart.

  • ChaoticCassidy 3 years ago

    I don’t understand how this would work on humans.

  • AwesomeCommenter 3 years ago

    Bart explained Classical/ Operant conditioning 

  • iLikeToast 3 years ago

    Memory that stores the past events for subsequent recall is not the true
    determinant of our identity…… what identifies us is the cumulative sum
    of how we have perceived and what we have learnt from those past
    experiences in order to mold and change our characteristic self in terms of
    longer standing ideas, concepts and values. And, potatoes. #VietLee
    #Ijuststoleyourcatchphrase #potatoes

  • Rachester 3 years ago

    Ugh, I have these awful flashbacks of bad memories in the middle of school
    or some place and I want to curl up in a corner but I can’t so I have to

  • Mrs.Hamster MSP 3 years ago


  • LayZeHo 3 years ago

    ☮ ✌

  • Des Howard 3 years ago

    301 views 630 likes 5 dislikes

  • Robin MX 3 years ago

    Awesome. This could help me so much.

  • Tip Aly 3 years ago

    I could see the benefits to those with PTSD….but I can see this being
    used to reward people for bad shit happening. There is a reason we retain
    the bad memories, from our bad and good experiences we learn. 

  • Galaxy Starfall 3 years ago

    Or they could put money into making a memory eraser like the one from Men
    In Black. Dammit science, you’re headed in the wrong direction again. 

  • michaelrawr 3 years ago

    i got scared so hard and almost panicked when i heard the glass break sound
    effect while i was eating and listening to this…nears the beginning of
    the video. not sure why.

  • Michael Games 3 years ago

    Love you guys :D

  • Silint Killer z 3 years ago

    with out pain and suffering you cant have true happiness.