Shep Smith has had enough of Fox News’ reporting on the violence in Baltimore…


Fox News

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  • David Pakman Show 3 years ago

    Shep Smith basically had enough of Fox News’ “reporting” on the Baltimore

  • Zach Asaud 3 years ago

    “A small population watches Fox News”?! Haha ummm they’re the most popular
    News station on TV!!!! Why don’t you ever talk about some of the crap that
    comes out of the other news organizations (CNN and MSNBC)? Oh right, you’re
    just another pawn of the liberal media that gets but thirst over everything
    that Fox News says. Lol I’m not saying Fox isn’t biased sometimes but in
    this case they were just asking the same stock questions all the other
    stations are asking. But nope, only attack Fox lol real ethical David.

  • Iscovimi Garga 3 years ago

    Where were Jesus’ parents when he violently overturned the moneychangers
    tables in the temple?

  • TheLoremasterNojah 3 years ago

    Personally, I’m really enjoying season 6 of The Wire.

  • Bill Baker 3 years ago

    The Baltimore riots show a deep tear in the fabric of our society. The
    police have allowed the protesters to justify their destructive conduct by
    engaging in reckless, unprofessional conduct that resulted in the death of
    Mr. Gray. Chaos and anarchy are the byproducts of abuse of power by any

    When the people do not believe that the legal or political process provide
    them with fair and impartial ways to address their grievances, they resort
    to violence and destruction.

    New policing methodologies are required or we will continue to witness this
    cycle of violence.

  • Alex M 3 years ago

    Finally, these issues being framed in the way they need to be understood.
    In a nuanced, sophisticated way that looks at the history and nature of
    police violence/racism that also pushes for non-violence and reform,
    condemning arson and vandalism.

  • Tony Gomez 3 years ago

    It’s sad that Police have increasingly become judge, Jury, and executioner.
    what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

  • Summers Time Entertainment 3 years ago

    Black leaders? Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton don’t speak for me! Who are
    the white leaders? If something happens to the white community, will fox
    say where are the white leaders? Will they call out David Duke and Pat
    Robertson? I’m so sick of this black leader bullshit. The country has a
    black leader named Barack Obama; and why is he a leader? Because he was

  • MrBlackatheist 3 years ago

    He’ll be fired for not ripping black people.

  • Keirnoth 3 years ago

    Huh? I thought a majority of conservatives watch Fox News?

    Also I agree, we need more accounts from actual Baltimore citizens. I’ve
    seen comments from some Baltimoreans in the YT comments and they’re
    absolutely furious at both the rioters and the police for their ineptitude.

  • marblee 3 years ago

    Shep Smith is WAY to good a reporter to be associated with that shithole
    Fox News.

  • Fernando Pulido 3 years ago

    Holy shit, someone on Fox that feels empathy? Wow.

  • Also Known As 3 years ago

    3:31 — “Fox News has been successful at setting the agenda in terms of the
    angle of reporting on these types of stories.”


    Hate to break it to you Pakman but while I’m no fan of Fox News, the
    MSNBCs, CNNs, and New York Times of the world have done no better in terms
    of “setting an agenda” or painting a particular narrative (or, to be more
    accurate, SELLING it) on stories such as these. The Martin/Zimmerman,
    Michael Brown and Eric Garner narratives all got skewed in the mainstream
    media, which obfuscated facts that did not support the “Black Victimhood”
    narrative. And many, MANY Black Americans are fucking tired of this shit.
    Look at commentaries by YouTubers such as Tommy Sotomayor, David Carrol,
    The Straight Shooter, Terry Swoope, BigBKel, Akwesi100…there are a LOT of
    Black folks out there that are sick of this narrative and are speaking out
    against it, with FORCE.

    Fucking Prison Planet Live, of all channels, had the most fair video I’ve
    seen on this subject: police violence in America is a problem, but violence
    and dysfunction in Black American cities is ALSO a problem. But nobody will
    talk about the latter subject, likely for fear of being tarred and
    feathered as “racists”. And how can you blame them, as even when prominent
    Black Americans like Bill Cosby or Charles Barkley or even Obama highlight
    issues ruinous to Black communities, the backlash is swift, thorough, and

  • morpheus622 3 years ago

    Shep Smith hit this one out the ball park! The problem is not violence but
    economic disparity, lack of jobs , housing, a racist police department and
    social services…….for 50 + years. Black civil rights leaders are pawns
    used by the ruling class to calm oppressed Blacks when they lash out the
    system, Sharpton, Jessica and the rest of the Uncle Toms are useless. If
    Blacks are not provided with economic opportunities and equal treatment
    under the law…the next riot will be far worse. The Chickens have come
    home to roost! I salute Shep Smith for speaking truth to power .

  • eazyezwife 3 years ago

    DAMN he shut those clowns down…Shep Smith KICKS ASS!!!

  • traydevon 3 years ago

    Dear Fox News and racists,

    Is there one white person in the USA who speaks FOR all white people?

  • Fleur Bandito 3 years ago

    Where are all of the Christian leaders decrying the hundreds of people
    killed by the police in 2015 alone?

  • Sand Wich 3 years ago

    I like Shep Smith. I’d really like to see him on another network. He’s too
    good with to much journalistic integrity for Fox News. 

  • Marcel Robinson 3 years ago

    “When they ask me, when will the violence cease?
    When your troops stop shootin niggas down in the street”-2pac

  • Cocheese45 3 years ago

    “Where are the black leaders?” ….THAT is what Fox News wants to
    know?!??!?!?!!!! How about “Why the FUCK did this man die and how the fuck
    did it happen?” or “Where’s the goddamn accountability and consequences for
    causing this man’s DEATH?”

  • LabTech 3 years ago

    I think Shep’s in there for two reasons: the paycheck, and the foolish
    belief that his morals and ethics can somehow rub off onto the network,
    which is never going to happen.
    He’s under the misapprehension that Fox is a news channel. It’s not. It’s
    a corporatist propaganda channel operating as the PR wing of the Republican
    party, always has been, always will be. You can’t fix something that’s
    rotten to the core.
    It’s my belief that unless he surrenders his morals and joins the fold,
    he’ll eventually leave when he realizes all he’s accomplishing is giving
    Fox a better reputation than it deserves.

  • Anna Bell 3 years ago

    Where’s batman and robin?

  • JennJenification 3 years ago

    Shep Smith, the only voice of reason at Faux News….poor guys’ gonna die

  • Glenn parent 3 years ago
  • Ryan Hartwell 3 years ago

    Shep Smith Has Had Enough of Fox News’ ‘Reporting’ on Baltimore Violence.

  • Blaine Alison Clark 3 years ago

    So Happy to hear Shep is trying to be realistic in his reporting of the
    turmoil and frustration in Baltimore over years of abuse and misuse of
    authority. ( Which rioting and looting is the very worst thing to do in
    this situation) but at least he tries to give insight to the mindset of
    pure frustration of some residence. ,Some Fox Viewers may actually get a
    moment of truth in their “News” .

  • John Townsend 3 years ago

    Here it is folks in all its glory, the amazing spectacle of FOX news and
    its parade of staggering dullness, every talking-face wearing the same
    phony ‘taking-itself-seriously’ expression and the unrelenting spewing of
    stupefying hypocrisy.
    If Brain Williams gets suspended for 6 months, everyone on Fox News should
    be off the air permanently.

  • Moe hohmedd geehahd 3 years ago

    Liberal logic

    Blacks burning down a city in America. Blame fox news.

    More proof liberalism is a mental disorder. 

  • Booster Gold 3 years ago

    Shep is always the best or 2nd best reporter at Faux. Chris Wallace rounds
    out with him. Megyn Kelly has her good days…..I think Neil Kavuto has had
    a couple good interviews/reports….and that’s about it.

  • agenor defigueiredo 3 years ago

    Damn Louis I agree with you let`s hear from the people that live in this
    police state ( and for those that say this is not a police state google how
    many police settlements by the city have happened) it`s their day to day
    interaction with the police that tell the story.

  • Gales99 3 years ago

    Poor Shep, he has to field questions from really dumb people like Eric “my
    dog is called freedom” Bolling and the rest of the five morons. Ugh. Shep
    has long been one of the few reasonable people on Fox News.

  • DUME85 | Minecraft Mods 3 years ago

    Oh his spin that makes a lot more sense.
    I was thinking, How could they almost cut someone’e head off and get away
    with it.

  • Hjalmar Nyman 3 years ago

    The rioters are the real victims here. You’re right +David Pakman Show 

  • autopsy87 3 years ago

    Way to go Shep

  • Timmy Campbell 3 years ago

    Fox News is having a rough week and I love it they keep getting kicked out
    from Baltimore and no one is falling for their trip anymore

  • Aron Willington 3 years ago

    Shep is doing good staying at Fox. The morons watching need someone telling
    them something sane and measured. I bet he’s well liked by the staff who
    are normal

  • Eugene Vice 3 years ago

    I saw this as it happened and thought DAMN go Shep. He does often “go off
    script” and do some real reporting. Also the voices you hear but didn’t see
    was The Five Morons so that explains some of it.

  • Michael Rebholz 3 years ago

    I have a brother who is a cop and know exactly what happened. He got lippy
    and they gave him a “rough ride”, where they don’t strap you in and then
    take turns at 35 and power brake. He obviously bounced around until his
    neck came down on the edge of the bench at incredible force. People forget
    that a lot of cops are just dudes. They couldn’t think of anything else to
    do and entered the academy. A lot of these guys were dicks in high school,
    they go to titty bars, and drive home drunk on the weekends.

  • King Lam 3 years ago

    Go get ’em Shep!!!! 😉

    PS – I wonder why FOX News hasn’t fired Shep Smith?

  • Unknown Clown 3 years ago

    At least Fox have one decent reporter.

  • theguitarczar 3 years ago

    there are many reasons to not trust Smith but we are in America. we are the
    nation of second chances and need to give Shep Smith room to evolve. just

  • siioHD 3 years ago

    This anger has been brewing for a very long time. This incident just caused
    that anger to spill over. The dumb asses looting though aren’t making
    things any better.

  • Monika Shannon 3 years ago

    Brilliant article. Thank you for doing this. Just wonderful.