United Airlines Apologizes After Dog Dies in Overhead Compartment
“She was saying verbally, ‘My dog is in here, no, this is my dog.’ The flight attendant, in response, really just continued to ask her to put it above
because it was a hazard where it was, it was a safety emergency, someone could trip.”
Eventually, the pet owner, whom United declined to name, complied with the flight attendant.
The dog, a black French bulldog that was traveling in a pet carrier, was placed in the compartment shortly before United Flight
1284 left Houston for New York at around 6 p.m. Monday, said Maggie Gremminger, 30, who was seated behind the pet owner.
Putting animals in the overhead compartment is against the airline’s policies, which say pets are required to travel in carriers
that “must fit completely under the seat in front of the customer and remain there at all times.” United said it was investigating who had put the dog in the overhead compartment and why.
A witness said that a flight attendant had ordered the pet owner to put the dog in the compartment before the plane took off.
United Airlines apologized on Tuesday after a dog died on a flight during which it was stored in a passenger’s overhead compartment.


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