Who Could Succeed Gary Cohn?: DealBook Briefing
The news prompted Tom Nides, Morgan Stanley’s vice chairman, to utter aloud, “Oh, that’s a problem.”
It leaves Mr. Trump surrounded primarily by advisers with strong protectionist views who advocate the types of aggressive trade measures, like tariffs,
that Mr. Trump campaigned on but that Mr. Cohn fought inside the White House.
The timing: CNBC notes that Mr. Cohn’s announcement came hours after Mr. Trump said
that “everyone wants to work in the White House.” It also came after Mr. Trump tweeted, “There is no Chaos, only great Energy!”
Peter Eavis’s take: Even if there is no plunge, now is a moment for investors to make up their minds about populism.
of Novelis, a big aluminum producer, criticized Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for saying predictions of price increases were “hysteria.”
And DowDuPont said it might now build plants in Canada or Argentina rather than the U. S.
Bayer said it is in exclusive talks with BASF about the sale of its entire vegetable seeds business as the German
chemicals multinational, seeks to win approval for its $56 billion deal for Monsanto from European regulators.
Mr. Cohn was viewed by Republican lawmakers as the steady hand who could prevent Mr. Trump from engaging in activities that could trigger a trade war.
The aluminum industry doesn’t want tariffs either
In a letter to the White House yesterday, the Aluminum Association (which represents both U. S.
and foreign suppliers) said that the move would be a bad idea.



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