the YotaPhone was one of the coolest smartphone innovations of 2013, and while I wouldn’t exactly be the first in line to buy a device from an unproven OEM, Yota Devices has once again piqued…



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  • Marko Đorđević 3 years ago

    Looks cool

  • Pope Urmaster 3 years ago

    Oh sweet so your girlfriend can read your texts without you even having to
    give her your phone! 

  • Wes Halm 3 years ago

    Its to bad that I had this idea a few years back and thought it wouldn’t
    make it anywhere in the android market

  • Ndoki Hasaki 3 years ago

    Oh sweet, so low-resolution low-power non-backlit screens are coming back?
    I wonder when liquid crystal will be the new thing again.

  • Re Mi 3 years ago

    ePaper back display?!

    Wow, that’s cool!


  • boxertest 3 years ago

    I would buy this phone, hopefully I can get it on amazon or ebay when it is
    released and hopefully it works for us carriers